GDPR three years later: where do you stand and what are you missing?

This June 10th from 10.30 am to 12 am CET 

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Best strategies review.

Launched on May 25th 2020, the newest GDPR regulation has completely changed how security frameworks work: Three years after its entry into force, the EU Regulation 678/2016 about General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been a global success meeting many of the expectations, even if there are some areas to be improved in the future.


10.30 a.m. CET – Live presentation
Part 1: “The role of the DPO in the accountability process” Speaker: G.Serafini
Part 2: “GDPR – From Data Protection to Privacy Management” Speaker: F.Paravani
11.30 a.m. CET – Round Table + Q&A Live Session: further in-depth, interactive considerations with our experts - w/ Pierre Crivelli, PQE Suisse Managing Director


Fabio Paravani

Fabio Paravani

Certified Privacy Expert

Fabio Paravani has a long experience in sales and business development for complex IT projects, including security solutions. He developed a consulting approach to help clients to solve business problems, based upon a specific value proposition for GDPR Compliance, Privacy, Data Protection and Security.


Giuseppe Serafini

Giuseppe Serafini


Giuseppe Serafini is an expert lawyer, with specific expertise in Data Protection Officer & Privacy, European Certificate on Cybercrime Evidence (ECCE), CISCO Cyber Security Essential and Digital Forensics. Former Legal Informatics Professor at the Legal Professions Specialization School of Perugia, full Professor of European IT security law at the Master in Data Protection and Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics at the University of Perugia. Cloud Security Alliance Italy Chapter (CSA), the Digital Forensics Alumni (DFA) and CLUSIT - Italian association for information security Associate Member.


Pierre Crivelli

Pierre Crivelli


Pierre Crivelli has a strong technology expertise acquired over 20 years of experience in various industries such as FMCG, Luxury, Telecommunications and Pharmaceuticals. He followed his engineering studies and progressed his career at international level initially as an expert in IT/security solutions, later managing integration projects between companies. He is currently a director at PQE Suisse.


Our experts reviewing effects of GDPR and best practices for a holistic privacy management approach.
Companies, Data Controllers and Data Processors put into practice all the actions to comply with the regulation even if focusing on legal aspects most, but it may not be enough. PQE’s top privacy experts and special guests, will discuss on how Data must be considered today as a fundamental company asset for decision makers, with effects on transparency, trust, and customer loyalty*.

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Our approach focuses not only on GDPR’s legal aspects, but also on data flow control and third party management. Sign-in to PQE Group webinar to learn a new, holistic Privacy Management approach.

* Data can be rightfully considered today as a company asset, and its accuracy, safety, and control should be relevant for decision-makers in organizations. For example, the "Cisco 2020 Data Privacy Benchmark Study" showed that 70% of the companies interviewed said they had achieved significant business benefits from implementing data privacy strategies that go beyond compliance Then, the most critical financial consequence for organizations that have experienced a data breach is the loss of business. The Data Privacy process has required to ensure business protection, and that includes an accurate control of data flow, careful suppliers and third parties management, and a strong focus on Data Protection training and awareness.
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